The best flavored iced coffee drink in LA! – BLACK STRAP LATTE

Tactile Coffee – HiFi / Los Angeles

Dear, Blackstrap Latte, thank you for being created. I love this drink so much, it’s easily accounted for a third of my monthly credit card expenses (which is bad since it’s only like 6 bucks for a cup) and I’m not even a person that needs to drink coffee to get energy. Real talk, this earthy, robustly flavored, full-bodied drink, is one of those LA things you should try.

The flavor of the latte comes from a Blackstrap molasses that is made into a syrup and is added to their meticulously pressed espresso beans from Counter Culture Roasters. With the addition of oat milk (if you’re into that kind of stuff) the combination equals an iced coffee drink that is akin to a not-so-sweet Vietnamese iced coffee or a fuller flavored coffee milk tea.

Interior shot of Tactile Coffee

Tactile Coffee is a coffee shop situated in an updated strip mall off of Beverly Blvd. in Historic Filipinotown (between Koreatown and Silverlake) and boasts of a coffee-focused menu and a few in-house bites to eat. Though you won’t find a matcha latte or an organically pressed juice served in a mason jar like you would in Silverlake shop, what you will get (and should get) is an ICED BLACK STRAP LATTE.

An iced Blackstrap coffee with a freshly baked Tactile biscuit

Try it today!

Tactile Coffee – 3109 BEVERLY BLVD, LA, CA 90057

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