Challah french toast and a lemon donut, the best breakfast thing at this pasta place! – Met Him At A Bar

Lemon Donut
Lemon Donut from Met Him At A Bar

You might have heard of Met Her At A Bar, a popular waffle focused brunch spot, off La Brea Ave. in the heart of Mid-City. Lines for this brunch spot are literally spilling onto the street every weekend. But, did you know their sibling restaurant, Met HIM At A Bar (a homemade pasta joint situated right across the street from them) has an impressively tasty brunch menu as well?

No, you won’t find a pasta packed menu for brunch at this pasta place (say that five times fast). No, you won’t find an extensive list for breakfast options (I mean, they are a pasta place). What you will find, though, are two fantastic iterations of a lemon donut and a French toast dish that I’ve come across in LA.

challah french toast
Challah Creme Brulee French Toast

Let’s start off with their challah french toast. Challah bread is a traditional Jewish bread that is light and slightly sweet. Owner/ Operator / Food Scientist, Mindy Mook, takes the bread, infuses it with a creme brulee base, and cooks it perfectly to result in an incredibly well-done dish. Not too heavy, not too eggy, not too dense! Not a french toast kind of diner? GET THE LEMON DONUT.

Lemon donut with ice cream

I know you’re probably thinking, “it’s just a regular donut,” but no, it’s not. I’ve eaten a lot of donuts in my day, and this is donut is exceptional. Crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy in the inside, and glazed with this lemon sauce that isn’t too lemony that it’s sour. Paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this dessert dish for breakfast is definitely one to try.

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